Friday, October 26, 2007

olivia and ralphie

miss O
is quite attached to her beloved canine - ralphie...
uncle michael brought ralphie into olivia's little world
and i'm not quite sure what we would do without him.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the great lady is 80! happy birthday gigi!

this is my grandma - she just turned 80. my sister had this fantastic idea to throw her a surprise party...she came up with this clever 1920's theme...knocking twice on the speakeasy door, and using the secret passwords, "the great lady is 80." there were gangsters and flapper girls...all looking the part of the great gatsby itself! all done for this amazing woman that we could not be more proud of! she makes 80 look like a walk in the park. in the last 20 years she has taken up piano lessons, art lessons, she exercises, quilts, she and grandpa have been involved in super sixties, zolner retirees, bible studies...i could not possibly exhaust the list. so, here is to you and grandpa - so happy, so in love and so in-style with your crocs! thank-you for living life to it's very fullest...hope you enjoy the photos...

the great gatsby?

these are a few of the characters we saw that night!

little flappers

so, there may have been a few that weren't as excited as the rest of us to dress up and be someone else for a night...

cheers grandpa and grandma...this one is one for the books!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

let someone win

so, olivia and i decided to have a picnic on thursday.
indy, of course, wanted to join.
indy found a stick and wanted us to play.
take a look and see how this played out...


i guess for the time being - olivia just learns to stand...
to admit the loss, pick herself up and stand.
i am so proud of her!
couldn't indy just let her win?
i guess humbly, i learned a lesson often i want to win.
i want to have the last word -
the desire to be right often times outweighs the bigger picture.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


we hit the pool as soon as we got to our hotel! we had hot, sunny weather the entire week!

dinner on the side of a cliff...

it doesn't get much better than this!
this place was built into the side of this cliff - overlooking
the ocean and the city.
completely breathtaking.

2 hot 2 handle and 2 ligit 2 quit

these were our "handles" for the trip...chris and maggie even had motions to go with guys are so cool!

we took these dune buggies on the highway - it was crazy seeing a huge semi-truck that could squash you in a second if a wrong turn was made! we went through a river - which was way more unclean water than i would care to swallow as i'm screaming through that part. after we hit all of the off-road spots, rivers and the busy highways - we were looking pretty rough.
boogity, boogity, boogity - let's go racin' boyzzzz

i don't think it is the last time for racers - 2 ligit 2 quit and 2 hot 2 handle
to meet on these mexican roads!

amazing race?

so, phil wasn't waiting for us at the end...but, it was definitely good material to use - in case the amazing race is ever hurting and needs to boost their ratings.
90 ft. in the air - zip lines through the tropical rainforest in the mountains of mexico. we were at speeds of 40 mph.
the scariest part - we could barely understand our instructors...what were we thinking?

oncoming riders...

trips...they are always a lot of
work to get ready for...and so much more work once you come home from one - but you hope that while you are there - on this trip - that it will be worth it.
this trip was one of those trips
that when people ask you how it went,
or if you had a good time, you just
answer with a was
we did so many adventurous things,
spent lots of time together -and one of the best parts...we went with some really good friends of ours. chris and maggie. they made the trip extremely memorable and oh, so much fun!

Monday, March 26, 2007

irish jig

so, here we the end of the race. we did it! the first official race that i have run. what an amazing feeling. there were 3,000 runners... i was completely overwhelmed with all of the people at the start of the race. trying to find my pace was crazy. not to mention the temp. being 21 degrees. girls - are you ready to race again? next one is may 12 - riverbank!

Friday, March 9, 2007

one good dog.

"it has been a week..." as ben puts it. i think we can walk away from this week with only a few wounds...
it starts with indy...she has this thing with her ears - allergies, i think.
she shakes her head until she's dizzy - and it seems like she chooses the times when i have just drifted off into my first
rem of sleep...aghhh. she's a dog, i know. but she is a good dog. always right retrieve the toys olivia throws down the stairs, clean up food that is left on the floor, sit patiently as olivia climbs all over her.
and she has these sighs...
like the sigh that you have when it has been a week. in some crazy way - i relate to her.
okay, so here they are - our battle wounds from the week: indy - ever-itching-ear crazy problem...olivia - another new tooth - i think this makes 10! ben - thought he broke a metatarsel in his foot while playing soccer and now has had 2nd thoughts...he thinks something bit him. hmmmm. and then there is me...sleepless me. lacking sleep due to my dog with the ear problem.

back to my dog. she's a good dog...a very good and loyal dog. who wouldn't want or need that...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


could this be art?

this is the nash way to kick back and take it all in!

little mexico

so we went to mexico with our soccer team - our cousins - and had an amazing time! hot sun. most of our time was spent on the beach playing volleyball or laying out by the pool.