Saturday, September 24, 2011

little Mm Aa Nn

that's right.
lock up your daughters!
he just keeps getting cuter and more snuggly...
i just had to share some sugar.

we took little man and songbird
to artprize today.

will wanted to eat the entire time...
olivia, wanted to place a vote-for each
piece of art that we saw...the entire time. (:
thank goodness for snacks.
that took her mind off of voting...for a while.

these were just a few of our favs-we had lots more.
good thing we have 2 more weeks!

ben and i went out friday night and 
saw these very cool pieces...

Loose Fit
by Monica Ponce de Leon

this piece was made completely of plastic...
it is actually quite large and has several other
tunnels like this.  
{we may or may not have crawled through the smallest one.}

Mother Earth
by Jessica Horst

this was by far my most favorite!  
she had 3 or 4 others 
in her collection.

her medium was felt and
i couldn't love a material
more than i LoVe-oV FELT!!

if you haven't been out to must-you must!
and here is the app that makes voting a snap.
seriously, if my 5 year old can do it-anyone can. 

hope to see you out there!