Thursday, December 18, 2008

wouldn't it be something?

21-Day No Complaints Challenge:
how long can you go without complaining?
a few months ago, the pastor of a kansas city church told people in his congregation he wanted them to test their limits. "the one thing we can agree on," said rev. will bowen, "is there's too much complaining." and so he asked the group to give up complaining, criticizing, gossiping or using sarcasm for 21 days. people who joined in were issued purple bracelets as a reminder of their pledge. if they caught themselves complaining, they were supposed to take off the bracelet, switch it to the opposite wrist
and start counting the days from scratch.
rev. bowen said it took him three and a half months to put together 21 complaint-free days.
Now, about a half a million people around the world
have requested free wristbands to rise to the challenge.
the bracelots are $1.00 - this includes shipping.
if you are up for the challange-i would love to hear from you!
this girl is in!
let me know if you want me to order one for you.


thank-you all for your kind words, cards,
babysitting & phone calls over the past couple of weeks.
our lives have been short of normal
lately with jack's anniversary & my health.
thank-you for loving us well and walking beside us.
we are so grateful for such genuine relationships.
there really aren't a whole lot of words...just two very grateful hearts.