Friday, February 22, 2008

time to breathe

it is time for a breather...mandy and i decided to take a little break from picture this photography.   as much as we love working together and capturing special moments for other people, we were realizing that we were missing some of our own moments with our families.  
life is starting to feel a bit more manageable for both of us...and mandy & i still get to talk almost every day.  now we just compare notes on our kids, potterybarn sales & playdates. (: what an amazing friend she is!  i am quite lucky!  
i am still doing design work with green apple design, a business i started almost 3 years ago.  i work about 10-12 hours a week and i am loving it! one of the homes that i am working on is going to be in the spring parade of homes.  it's a gorgeous home and a fantastic couple to work with!  
i am attempting ...ah hem...yes, attempting is the right word, i build a website for green apple and will keep you posted on my progress!  

okay - so i was going through a batch of images
and i had to post these hot pictures of my husband!  
you rock ben nash...let's go racing boyzzzzz!
heidi's husband, dave, got ben into racing.  
i wasn't too excited about my husband picking
up yet another hobby...i think he has about 12 or something 
crazy like that.  anyway...heidi and i went to one of their races 
last spring and we had so much fun!  
now, i'm not ready to get on a ktm and start racing...
but, did someone say harley?  if any of you girls are
looking to sign up for motorcycle classes...i am in!
i really want to get my license - it's on my to do list.