Friday, August 15, 2008

*happy birthday*

Carrot Cake
ok-sOoo... you may be getting a bit tired of hearing
about my birthday month...hang in there...
you only have a few more weeks and this glorious
celebrating will all be over!  **sniff sniff**
i wonder what i will do with my time? (; 
i know that my ever-so-patient husband 
will be glad to get our routine back. . .
where everything doesn't turn into a reason for
lighting candles, bursting into song and going 
on ~mini-surprise adventures~.   
uh, i's getting a little out of hand. 
but, when you have an active little toddler who loves to sing...i mean, i can't
help it if her song choice happens to be  {happy birthday} 
. . . and it would completely crush her if i asked her not to sing it 
at the top of her lungs.    
so, as i tell ben, if you can't beat 'em ~  join 'em.  so i do and sometimes he does too!
 secretly, i think he likes it.   
that's right benji.  i do.   
                            p.s.  i *heart* u!
i must close and i will save the splendid details of my realistic, actual birthDAY for the next blog...i can't wait to tell! 

Monday, August 11, 2008

a little bit shaggy

so, we finally did it!
we had enough hair to get a hair cut.
i looked through tons of magazines to try and find
a simple, but darling little style for our little peanut.
i finally realized that we didn't have a lot of hair to work with...
soOo, a nice little trim and a few layers later and...wa-lah!
we have a sassy little style for this almost 3 year old.
what was your "first-cut" experience like?
i bet there are some great stories out there!
here are a couple of pics of ours-

hmm. a perfect spot for liv.

check out those boots!
this is kind of a big deal...

"now THIS is a big deal!
i *heart* ice cream!"
{olivia jane~2 years 9 mos}