Saturday, June 27, 2009

3's how i feel about being a mom to my 3 year old.

now, granted-i don't feel delighted every single hour of every day...
some days are just rough-around-the-edges kind of days.
but, it's the small things that happen in a day that
can turn things around...and it's those things that i delight in most!

like her squeals. 
she will squeal over teeny, tiny things like-
 letting her jump on my bed...or, 
letting her hold the leash when we walk indy.
my fav is when she finds out that i'm make hot cocoa for her...

{yes, on 93 degree days...she squeals for hot cocoa}  (:

i am grateful for her happy melts mine.

especially after i make dinner and look around to see
all of the work left in front of me to do...
she runs up and thanks me for a great supper
before going outside to play with her daddy.

it melts my heart...
because it's somewhere in her heart to do that.

and when i play 'my little pony' with her,
she routinely tells me that i'm her best friend...
soon after that, she is delegating our roles.

and, even after days where i feel like i've said 
"not right now" and "no-that is not okay" 
like a thousand times, 
she still tells me that i'm the best mama ever!

God has blessed ben and i with this little life.
a life that has given us far more joy than
we ever thought possible.