Thursday, March 6, 2008

not like my friend megan's new bling...but, it will do!

so, my friend megan got engaged a couple of days ago! woo hoo megs! congrats...
i'm so happy for you! her ring is outragous...beautiful - it's one of my fav settings too. maybe this little purchase of mine is in honor of megan. i will wear it - thinking of you bride barbie. i found this on is the link - littledaisychains

etsy -pick of the day

i am a huge etsy about improving the
quality of life! what fun! i found this blog today.
it is a fantastic spot to view some of the best of the
best on etsy.
so, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.
here's the link - etsypicks

in fact, i found my new motto...

love it!
you can find this beauty here