Tuesday, December 8, 2009


this storm has been brewing over the last couple days.
i could feel it in me too...
this storm, just waiting to pour out of me,   
leading up to jack's 5 year anniversary.  
5 years ago december 9.  
it still takes my breath away. every time i think of him.
jack benjamin nash
ben and i were talking about our son last night.
we are different people because of him.
we feel deeper...with an intensity that i did not know before jack.

we remembered each event...named family and friends who stood beside us.
there were more tears with each person named.
we have been so blessed by you. that you continue to walk
 beside us in this open wound of ours.
we have been loved well.  we feel full...to the brim. 
even with this ongoing ache.  
i know full well, that is due to our Lord in our life...
{and i will put a big thank-you Jesus in here}
without His comfort and care, 
i'm not sure i would have survived without complete bitterness.
and, it is also due to you who have walked through 
the valley of the shadow of death with us.  
it is not always a beautiful, happy, 
easy place to be...beside someone who bears grief.
..plenty of patience needed for the awkward, uneasy, messy moments.
thank you, thank you for loving us well through each one- 
for allowing healing to take
place without putting an expiration date on it.

so, this morning, my tears are for jack...missing him terribly.

i am also overwhelmed with the outpouring of love that
we continue to experience. 
 it is humbling.  and, i am oh so grateful.
thank you.

my candle is lit...in remembrance of our son.
jack benjamin nash
for the heart never forgets.


Friday, November 27, 2009

thanksgiving feast

it was a bit early for a pow-wow for this little indian...
but, after hunting for a few "churkeys"
...she went off to school
and enjoyed a feast that mrs. decker
prepared for the class!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

hostess gifts...or maybe a little something for yourself!

so, i happened upon this website and
i could not resist posting this
little designer
she's called pink asian and isn't she lovely?!
i think i would display her on my mantle...

she is that fantastic!

and...jeweled-out red...
this little gem is a mere $10!

a perfect gift for your hostess this
holiday season...it is even glazed with
a mercury patina inside to give off the perfect
vintage glow.

who couldn't use another clipboard?

i think i have 7...but, who's counting really?

and for $12? yes please!

this is my personal fav!


{mom..if you are reading this}

stocking stuffer perhaps?
i'm kidding...no really, i am..

she's $18. a bit indulgent-maybe

...but then again, it's christmas!

indulge a little!

soul of the rose gifts

Friday, August 28, 2009

drops like stars...

i have been profoundly impacted by my dear friend, heather and her story.  
her life.  her authentic self.
she and her husband have 4 children under the age of 4.  
one of her twin daughters suffered significant brain damage at birth.
life has significantly changed in their home.

i was able to sit across from her this morning at panera and listen to new parts of her story.  
not pretty parts.
indescribably difficult, painful parts.  the kind of parts where
the words that start to describe it can do nothing else but take your
breath away.  

as i listened and grieved these new parts with her...in my mind i wanted
to insulate her...protect her from feeling any more of this ache.  and it 
hit me that if that was even possible, it would keep her from experiencing
some of the most intimate moments that she has had with her Savior.

i saw the most beautiful in her.  
she, in the midst of her sorrow was shining.
{and not the kind that is trying to be -optimistic, positive--blah!}  
it was a true shining all the way through. 
it permeated her.  
and i realized it was because i was seeing the Most High.  
i saw that He was meeting her where she was at...and she was letting Him.
i saw the genuine and the real alongside
seeing the most painful parts that she and her husband are now walking through. 
i guess that is why i am up writing this at 4:00 in the morning.  
i couldn't sleep-not without doing something
about my experience today...i couldn't let it go unnoted. 

she lent me this book...drops like stars by rob bell.  she mentioned that it was like a coffee table-kind-of-book and it would take no less than 30 minutes to read.
as soon as i got home, i opened it and read it.  
i couldn't put it down.  i gave it to ben and he said the same thing.
we could relate to it on so many different
it is the most accurate to placing words and 
experiences to suffering and loss that i have ever come across.
if you are finding yourself in a place of suffering, or know someone else who is..this book may be a great gift for
you or someone you care about.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

more expressive art...

indy is one of the most patient creatures i know
when it comes to dogs and children.
i love how she surrenders herself into the hands of my 3 1/2 year old.
i also love the looks she gives me as i try to capture moments like these!
...maybe we should call this one
{mobile sticker art}

wonder of little wonders...

i am truly documenting this more for myself, rather than spreading some sort of fantastic news...especially to those of you who have children that are older than 3.
because for you, this may be standard-old-hat kind of stuff.
but for me...it is a wonder!
olivia is beginning to draw letters...recognize numbers...
and i'm starting to understand her drawings.

tonight in the bathtub...she was drawing faces on the walls of the tub. i was literally so exhausted from the day, that i was stretched out on the bathroom floor just waiting for tub time to be finished! all the while, my little picasso was drawing little people and a helicopter on the tub walls...{with tub crayons} once her masterpiece was complete...she started squealing, "look mommy...it's little people and this is their helicopter!" i obliged her, saying, "yes liv...they are really cute." she was so thrilled that i had to take a closer look. she really had drawn little people with 2 eyes, a nose & mouth inside their faces...and they had legs- 3 of them...we'll have to work on that. at any rate, soon we were both squealing!

{this last image is her helicopter}

i wondered when this time would come.
when i would be able to make something out of her little creations. it's amazing how much more connected i feel to her...just by being able to decipher her expression of art.

what a moment it turned out to be!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i'm working on a new project - a different
style than i am used to and i can't wait to begin!

it's interesting to me that in every area of my life,
i resist change...i loathe change.  but, not in this area..

in this particular world of design-i thrive on 
change and the challenge it often brings.
every project is different and brings something
new and interesting into my life. 
that's why i LoVe it!
why don't i marry it?  
well, i guess i kind of 
did when i married a builder- {sigh} (;
          .  i do  .  i do  .  i do  .

this new project is in celedon-
an urban community in grand rapids.
it's sort of a loft-style home.
i'll show more pics as we get closer to 
the walls going up!

*i was looking for the wide plank-darker flooring 
and i ran across this image and felt the inspiration 

Saturday, June 27, 2009


delighted...it's how i feel about being a mom to my 3 year old.

now, granted-i don't feel delighted every single hour of every day...
some days are just rough-around-the-edges kind of days.
but, it's the small things that happen in a day that
can turn things around...and it's those things that i delight in most!

like her squeals. 
she will squeal over teeny, tiny things like-
 letting her jump on my bed...or, 
letting her hold the leash when we walk indy.
my fav is when she finds out that i'm make hot cocoa for her...

{yes, on 93 degree days...she squeals for hot cocoa}  (:

i am grateful for her happy heart...it melts mine.

especially after i make dinner and look around to see
all of the work left in front of me to do...
she runs up and thanks me for a great supper
before going outside to play with her daddy.

it melts my heart...
because it's somewhere in her heart to do that.

and when i play 'my little pony' with her,
she routinely tells me that i'm her best friend...
soon after that, she is delegating our roles.

and, even after days where i feel like i've said 
"not right now" and "no-that is not okay" 
like a thousand times, 
she still tells me that i'm the best mama ever!

God has blessed ben and i with this little life.
a life that has given us far more joy than
we ever thought possible.


Friday, May 29, 2009

a little knobby

these little pretties
are the
bling that my
furniture has been dying for!
you can find
most of them at knobs & pulls!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

mothology anyone?

these very cool pendants need to
move to my house!

i have the perfect
spot in mind...

$50.00 each at

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one of my favorite places to roam...target!

this fun little number
has a great little number...
it's 19.99!

Product Image

this metal mirror is a steal
at just $49.99.
{perfect for a front entry}

i'm loving this
trunk for only
$49.99...it can
double as extra
seating if you
are in a pinch!

Monday, May 11, 2009

this would be great in a bathroom!
you could use it to hang bath towels...
oh, what fun this little number would
be-it just might be a crowd pleaser.

urban outfitters

urban outfitters...yes please!

this hotrod red belongs in a little girl's room...
or maybe her bathroom. hmmm.
it's so unconventional...love at first sight for sure!
the best news-it's only $24.99.

and then, there were these
lanterns...this one is only $11.99 right now...

AnD...$7.99 for this pretty!
wouldn't it be fantastic in a powder room
or on a little bistro table on your front porch?
gotta love it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bailey mekkes

please pray for our friends, matt & heather.
this is their blog where you can follow their story...
the seventh sparrow
their newborn daughter, bailey, is in the neonatel unit
at devos children's hospital.
she is having surgery tomorrow...
please keep them in your prayers!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick DIY Wardrobe Fixes | Beauty Style | 7 : RealSimple.com

ben and i have been turning into gym rats lately... and,
well...i have been looking for some quick and easy
solutions for laundering our work-out clothes.
i'm hoping this works...
i will keep you posted!

Quick DIY Wardrobe Fixes

Saturday, January 24, 2009


turquoise is the hot and coming color for this spring & summer!
finally...turquoise is getting the recognition she deserves....
i have craved it ever since i saw my friend, megan's, oh-so-chic-shower curtain!
i have wanted that shower curtain ever since...
oh, i don't know-something like-3 years!
no, i am happy for you megs...it is lovely and it is you!
i wish i had an image of that to post.
it is delish!

{images taken from turquoise-la.com}

love this headboard!

what fun!
lots of inspiration wrapped up in this little jewel...
if you are the creative type-you could completely take
on a project like this!
otherwise, you could just find it at
lockwood design.

{image is from style files}

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

in honor of jack...

every year we do something to honor our son, jack.
we desire some sort of good to come from our loss.
this tradition was born out of a desire to purchase things for jack
to have at christmas. as we started to shop for him that first christmas,
we realized that the gifts would go unopened and unused...
and would create more sadness
for us as they would remain under the tree.
God was good-He understood my need
and He placed some ideas
in my mind.
the idea was to give to other children that wouldn't receive
much at christmas.
so, that is how it started-4 years ago.
both sides of our families have participated
each year and it has been something so
very special for us...
this year, we chose brenda decker's pre-school.
that is where jack would have attended this year.
the wonderful part of giving to this school is that the
items that were given will affect more than 1 or 2 children....
classrooms and classrooms to come will be able to enjoy these gifts.
and, little O, will be attending pre-school there next year.
she will also enjoy these special gifts in honor of her big brother jack!
we miss you jack...your life touches us everyday!