Thursday, January 17, 2013

one whole year

we are on that day...
the one people call an anniversary.
it feels so strange calling it that.
it has been one year...
365 days without a phone call, a visit,
even a visual of her presence.

time marches on
and yet, i expect it to stop and wait...
to be patient with us and maybe more thoughtful.

so much has happened in a year...
so many milestones that our kids have experienced,
and their amma would have treasured each one.
to see olivia start to read,
will start to walk-no run,  :)
millie take ballet and do her twirly- twirls,
and, hank starting to form words and pull himself up.
she loved her grandbabies.
she cared about their day to day activities.  
and she loved spending her time with them.

 these are random thoughts, but...
i looked forward to getting her  clippings
of the important and the latest so that
i could be more informed about our world and surroundings.
and she gave the best gifts...they were always the practical.
 i love the practical.
who doesn't need a glass pitcher filled with lemons and limes?
and, after 10 years of marriage...yes please!
that was one of my favorites.
and, then...there were the not-so-practical given at christmas.
then, she gave the diamond had my initial on it,
the other had a band of diamonds straight across.
 that one was given
a few weeks after we lost our son, jack.  
she wanted me to remember
the solid rock on which i stand...Jesus.

my reason for this post-
i can't let the day go without honoring her in some way
i want to stress the importance of time.
we never know how much time we will get with our loved ones.

if your mom or mother-in-law is still with you today...
will you take the time out of your day for her?
 just carve out
an hour to do lunch, grab coffee, skype, do a longer than normal
phone call...and make the conversation about her.

you will never regret the time spent.

if you have differences, tolerate them.
appreciate that she
was made different than you.
death is certainly not our friend.
one can never prepare for its permanence.
it leaves us confused, messy & unsatisfied.
nothing sounds right or good.
the only thing that does,
is to sit down with her,
in her kitchen and listen to stories about the farm.
that is what sounds good to me.
we miss you mom.