Friday, March 9, 2007

one good dog.

"it has been a week..." as ben puts it. i think we can walk away from this week with only a few wounds...
it starts with indy...she has this thing with her ears - allergies, i think.
she shakes her head until she's dizzy - and it seems like she chooses the times when i have just drifted off into my first
rem of sleep...aghhh. she's a dog, i know. but she is a good dog. always right retrieve the toys olivia throws down the stairs, clean up food that is left on the floor, sit patiently as olivia climbs all over her.
and she has these sighs...
like the sigh that you have when it has been a week. in some crazy way - i relate to her.
okay, so here they are - our battle wounds from the week: indy - ever-itching-ear crazy problem...olivia - another new tooth - i think this makes 10! ben - thought he broke a metatarsel in his foot while playing soccer and now has had 2nd thoughts...he thinks something bit him. hmmmm. and then there is me...sleepless me. lacking sleep due to my dog with the ear problem.

back to my dog. she's a good dog...a very good and loyal dog. who wouldn't want or need that...