Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i'm working on a new project - a different
style than i am used to and i can't wait to begin!

it's interesting to me that in every area of my life,
i resist change...i loathe change.  but, not in this area..

in this particular world of design-i thrive on 
change and the challenge it often brings.
every project is different and brings something
new and interesting into my life. 
that's why i LoVe it!
why don't i marry it?  
well, i guess i kind of 
did when i married a builder- {sigh} (;
          .  i do  .  i do  .  i do  .

this new project is in celedon-
an urban community in grand rapids.
it's sort of a loft-style home.
i'll show more pics as we get closer to 
the walls going up!

*i was looking for the wide plank-darker flooring 
and i ran across this image and felt the inspiration