Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the great lady is 80! happy birthday gigi!

this is my grandma - she just turned 80. my sister had this fantastic idea to throw her a surprise party...she came up with this clever 1920's theme...knocking twice on the speakeasy door, and using the secret passwords, "the great lady is 80." there were gangsters and flapper girls...all looking the part of the great gatsby itself! all done for this amazing woman that we could not be more proud of! she makes 80 look like a walk in the park. in the last 20 years she has taken up piano lessons, art lessons, she exercises, quilts, she and grandpa have been involved in super sixties, zolner retirees, bible studies...i could not possibly exhaust the list. so, here is to you and grandpa - so happy, so in love and so in-style with your crocs! thank-you for living life to it's very fullest...hope you enjoy the photos...

the great gatsby?

these are a few of the characters we saw that night!

little flappers

so, there may have been a few that weren't as excited as the rest of us to dress up and be someone else for a night...

cheers grandpa and grandma...this one is one for the books!