Sunday, April 15, 2007


we hit the pool as soon as we got to our hotel! we had hot, sunny weather the entire week!

dinner on the side of a cliff...

it doesn't get much better than this!
this place was built into the side of this cliff - overlooking
the ocean and the city.
completely breathtaking.

2 hot 2 handle and 2 ligit 2 quit

these were our "handles" for the trip...chris and maggie even had motions to go with guys are so cool!

we took these dune buggies on the highway - it was crazy seeing a huge semi-truck that could squash you in a second if a wrong turn was made! we went through a river - which was way more unclean water than i would care to swallow as i'm screaming through that part. after we hit all of the off-road spots, rivers and the busy highways - we were looking pretty rough.
boogity, boogity, boogity - let's go racin' boyzzzz

i don't think it is the last time for racers - 2 ligit 2 quit and 2 hot 2 handle
to meet on these mexican roads!

amazing race?

so, phil wasn't waiting for us at the end...but, it was definitely good material to use - in case the amazing race is ever hurting and needs to boost their ratings.
90 ft. in the air - zip lines through the tropical rainforest in the mountains of mexico. we were at speeds of 40 mph.
the scariest part - we could barely understand our instructors...what were we thinking?

oncoming riders...

trips...they are always a lot of
work to get ready for...and so much more work once you come home from one - but you hope that while you are there - on this trip - that it will be worth it.
this trip was one of those trips
that when people ask you how it went,
or if you had a good time, you just
answer with a was
we did so many adventurous things,
spent lots of time together -and one of the best parts...we went with some really good friends of ours. chris and maggie. they made the trip extremely memorable and oh, so much fun!