Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Benson Queen Bed

        benson queen bed $199 

             saddlerock counter set $199

                   tufted daybed $199

            jersey lounge lime $179

here are some of urban home's
newest arrivals!
everything i listed is under $200!

go have a furniture party! 

Monday, September 20, 2010


the hustle and bustle of either love it..or, you don't.
i happen to love the rush.  it can be cheery...oh, yes it can.  or, not so
cheery.  this morning was cheery.
i was olivia's cheerleader and i loved it.
once my little marathoner was buckled in, we were off.  i asked her if
she wanted me to teach her  a new song on the way to school...
knowing that she is my songbird, i knew she would be game.

so, i started singing, the Lord is good to me...doo doo doo do, doo do
doo...hmm.  how does that song go?  i know there is something about
apple trees...oh it's good liv, i wish i could remember the words.

olivia pipes up...well, mommy, while you are remembering those
good you want me to teach you one of my songs?  (:

absolutely liv!  sing away.

this was her song in her heart.

God, you are are amazing..amazing.
you can do anything we ask..make anything, everything.
you are amazing.  you can even make an umbrella if you
want to.  the clouds, animals, make them and
everything around us.
nothing can seperate us
nothing can seperate us
nothing can seperate us from your love.
we love you God.

  her song rocked mine.
her little theology, bundled up in this song.
it touched my heart.
my faith grew this morning...thank you songbird.
thank you Jesus for asking me to really listen.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

a little more of me in the mic...ahem. a little more of me.

the last few weeks, okay..months,  this has been my mantra...until this morning.
i was sitting in church and we started to sing
you are holy.
the line that started prying the "mic" out of my hands?
"you are my Prince of Peace and i will live my life for you."

oh, that's right...this life-that i label as "mine" really isn't all about me.
not about my plans, my agenda, my time-line on our next child, my never-ending lists...

as i pondered why those words so impacted me- to tears even, i thought back on my actions, my words, my inmost thoughts. they revolved around one

i really don't like giving up the mic...but, i gladly handed it over this morning to the Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End, my Savior, Messiah, friend.

thank you Lord for the gentle reminder that You being in control is where my Peace is.
there is none other. no, not one.
He is on the move for me..for you...
I just had to put my mic down in order to see it.

oh, my p.s....  i have been praying that God will place people in my path that will help lead us in the direction of where/what to do next in terms of our adoption story. last night i spoke with a sweet friend who has adopted a little one from tawain. she had such sound advice...what an encouragement to this heart of mine. and, this morning, He put me in the middle of 3 precious women, whom i greatly admire and respect...they spoke such affirmation to me as well.

also, our dear friends carrie & anthony shared their love story this morning. the beautiful. the messy. the indescribably painful parts of losing a child. my heart broke for them again.   it also went to familiar places as they shared some of the deep waters that God so gently is moving them through. david's precious little life is about so much more than we can come close to justifying this side of i won't even begin to try. but, this morning God used his life to remind me of what matters.
thank you, carrie and anthony for sharing your story.  it impacts many.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

simple love

i ran into this sight last night and thought i would give it a try...
2 minutes and viola!
try it for yourself and send me a link...
i would love to see your simple love!

Monday, September 6, 2010

stacks and stacks...


i'm still organizing.

what does this have to do with cards you ask?
even if you aren't asking...i'm asking.
i have stacks and stacks of cards.
cards that for some reason or another, i can't pitch!
so, i started to put them in piles-to file.
i ran out of labels for all of these special piled letters.
i can justify this because 
 it is rare to get these treats in the mail anymore.
i guess that is why these chersihed momentos have
taken over my desk of drawers.

my favorite letters and cards are from my grandma, olivia's gigi.
she is one of my favorite people on this green earth.
she always starts with, "hello sweetheart,"
it instantly makes me feel like i'm sitting in her kitchen with a cup of coffee.
she also tells me everytime how awful her handwriting is...which, i never agree.
i love her handwriting.  it's her.  i wouldn't change a thing about it.

here's a confession:
among my piles...are people's thank you cards.
yep.  i'm a thank you collector.

i collect thank you's from friends + family who articulate so well the gratitude that is inside.
i wish i could speak of my heart's gratefulness like they do.  
that is why i keep their thank you's so handy.
they inspire me.
 before i sit down and write one myself...
i browse through a few,
take a deep breath
and write!

chances are, if you are reading this, 
you made your way to one of my collective piles...
that are now filed. 
and, if i may, i'll send this thank you to you.
thanks for making me feel special,
taking the time to remember a special date,
celebrating my month of birthday bliss...
or sending a just-because.

you inspire me to send more hand-writtens,
to stop hesitating and worrying about saying things perfectly,
and to buy more stamps for pete's sake!

long-live hallmark...and fresh ink!