Monday, September 6, 2010

stacks and stacks...


i'm still organizing.

what does this have to do with cards you ask?
even if you aren't asking...i'm asking.
i have stacks and stacks of cards.
cards that for some reason or another, i can't pitch!
so, i started to put them in piles-to file.
i ran out of labels for all of these special piled letters.
i can justify this because 
 it is rare to get these treats in the mail anymore.
i guess that is why these chersihed momentos have
taken over my desk of drawers.

my favorite letters and cards are from my grandma, olivia's gigi.
she is one of my favorite people on this green earth.
she always starts with, "hello sweetheart,"
it instantly makes me feel like i'm sitting in her kitchen with a cup of coffee.
she also tells me everytime how awful her handwriting is...which, i never agree.
i love her handwriting.  it's her.  i wouldn't change a thing about it.

here's a confession:
among my piles...are people's thank you cards.
yep.  i'm a thank you collector.

i collect thank you's from friends + family who articulate so well the gratitude that is inside.
i wish i could speak of my heart's gratefulness like they do.  
that is why i keep their thank you's so handy.
they inspire me.
 before i sit down and write one myself...
i browse through a few,
take a deep breath
and write!

chances are, if you are reading this, 
you made your way to one of my collective piles...
that are now filed. 
and, if i may, i'll send this thank you to you.
thanks for making me feel special,
taking the time to remember a special date,
celebrating my month of birthday bliss...
or sending a just-because.

you inspire me to send more hand-writtens,
to stop hesitating and worrying about saying things perfectly,
and to buy more stamps for pete's sake!

long-live hallmark...and fresh ink!


CFO of the House :) said...

we're even more alike than we've ever thought....i, too, have a box of thoughtful cards & thank-yous. i wonder what it is in our wiring that prompts us to keep them. one of my favorites....a goofy card from curtis when I was in college. he actually missed me when i was gone :) he said it in words only a high schooler could. 'i guess you're an ok sister'....or something to that tune! anyway...i love your writing. you'll have a book some day with your name as the author. mark my words, sister.

Shelly said...

I love it! So well written. I too have a box of old cards: birthday, Christmas, graduation, etc. I pull them out from time to time...perhaps to feel closer to those who sent them? Especially loved ones who have departed thugs earth for a much better place. :0)

Calli said...

I keep all that stuff too! All my old birthday cards, get well cards from my surgeries, graduation, etc. I have this really pretty "treasure chest" type box that my grandma painted for me that i keep them all in. i think they're important to keep. Not necessarily everything, but certainly the ones that people took the time to write something on. I love reading through them again.

Amy Bell said...

i have ones from you.....little notes from when i begged you to let me be your roomie.


love you!