Thursday, December 18, 2008

wouldn't it be something?

21-Day No Complaints Challenge:
how long can you go without complaining?
a few months ago, the pastor of a kansas city church told people in his congregation he wanted them to test their limits. "the one thing we can agree on," said rev. will bowen, "is there's too much complaining." and so he asked the group to give up complaining, criticizing, gossiping or using sarcasm for 21 days. people who joined in were issued purple bracelets as a reminder of their pledge. if they caught themselves complaining, they were supposed to take off the bracelet, switch it to the opposite wrist
and start counting the days from scratch.
rev. bowen said it took him three and a half months to put together 21 complaint-free days.
Now, about a half a million people around the world
have requested free wristbands to rise to the challenge.
the bracelots are $1.00 - this includes shipping.
if you are up for the challange-i would love to hear from you!
this girl is in!
let me know if you want me to order one for you.


thank-you all for your kind words, cards,
babysitting & phone calls over the past couple of weeks.
our lives have been short of normal
lately with jack's anniversary & my health.
thank-you for loving us well and walking beside us.
we are so grateful for such genuine relationships.
there really aren't a whole lot of words...just two very grateful hearts.

Monday, December 8, 2008

jack benjamin nash * december 9, 2004

my heart is full tonight. it is full of joy and laughter * family and friends...
and it is full of sadness and ache and missing. 
missing all of the people that should still be here with us.
a wise friend, who lost her husband, told me at my son's funeral...there is a fine line that runs back and forth between joy and grief. i find myself running back and forth sometimes daily. 
it comes when i least expect it. 
for me, it can come when olivia asks about jack. she is curious as to "whose hands are in that picture?" 
and, "are they mine?" she will ask, "is that baby me?"

it also comes with milestones. 
there is joy because friends are watching their children take the next step into this milestone. and often i am caught up experiencing the moment, that it doesn't hit me until later...
that we should be experiencing this same milestone with jack. 
i'm thankful, though, that it doesn't hit me until later, 
because i love my friend's children.  they are very dear to me...
and, they bring olivia such beautiful friendship.

i thought when someone was grieving-they were grieving the past. that is such a small part of grief. 
i often find that present and future grief are just as difficult.
life is so very broken...not at all how our Father designed it to be.

when we lost jack, i really believed that i would never be able to experience joy again.
to be honest, i didn't even want to.  
i thought it would mean that somehow i had forgotten or replaced him.

but, we serve an amazing God-who will someday make all of it right...
and in the in-between times-He has given me so many people to share life with,
and experience the joy He longs for us to have.

this joy comes in the smallest packages at times...
it's watching olivia's dramatic dance as she closes her eyes and winds herself around the room,{and i belly laugh because that is all one can do with this type of performance} or, seeing ben teach olivia how to "grease" up her bike and check her tires.  it's playing scrabble with friends and texting google for the correct spelling, it's taking a road trip with my mom and jodi, it's holding my newest neice, it's going to chicago to spend time with ana, it's in celebrating my girlfriends-a wedding, a baby, a new paint color!
it is all around me.

 thank-you jesus that someday i will only know this kind of joy and so much more.
i will see you face to face.
and i will hold my son again.
i cannot wait.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

here are some of the top trends that are out and about right now!

some of my favs in this selection are from anthropologie.

{i heart anthropologie}

Roost at ShopStyle

just a few of my favorite items from shopstyle...if you click on the images-pricing will post!

yes please!

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sugar inc has everything your little social life needs.
each "sugar" has it's own personality and purpose.
i personally can't pick a favorite.
{i am now a sugar addict!}

looking for sales this christmas season?
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this oh so pink chair...only $39.99 @ the container store!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween on a budget!

cousin tonya has an annual halloween/costume party
and we always look forward to joining in on the fun.
this year ana had a fantastic idea for us-the black eyed peas!
it was cheap & can you say no to that?
i don't think we won any awards or anything...but, we had loads of fun!
thanks ana! you always have such creative ideas!
and tonya...thanks for a night
full of fun, as always!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

forest of fear

college friends
friends of mine that have been around for a long time...
and i am so grateful to still have them in my life.
this week-end we got together
to celebrate megan's upcoming nuptials!
a bridal shower for our megan.
i wish i had a shot of all of us together,
because a few of the girls had to leave early.
but, we were too busy enjoying each other
to stop and take a picture.

that says enough for me!

later that evening we went to the forest of fear.
i haven't gone to one of these since college...
oh, how terrified we all were!
some more than others...
but, i won't mention any names! (:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

a tribute to our friend mike powers...

we celebrated mike's life yesterday at a memorial at wabasis lake park.
i knew it would be difficult, but i had no idea the flood of pure sadness that overwhelmed me.
this was not supposed to happen...
mike was one of those friends that you don't just happen upon.  
he brought so much with him every time he entered a conversation.
he lived life being intentional.  he was a pursuer of people.  
i think his brother, adam, said it best, 
"he loved his God, and he loved people.
 he just wanted to know you and to be known by you."
he made time for what really mattered.
i don't think any of us that witnessed this memorial 
will ever be the same.
mike's life makes you want to live life 
with more purpose, more intention. will be greatly missed by so many mike powers...
what a legacy you have left behind.

mike's legacy
take time to enjoy a cup of coffee
be curious, listen with love, offer kindness unconditionally
don't be afraid to have doubts and questions in life
see the wonder and raw beauty of the outdoors
laugh (especially if it's an episode of "the office")
fight for the healing and dignity of others
experience music and books that will move you
love with your actions
name and live out your desires
be teachable
tell people today why you love them, value them, cherish them
{mike's legacy was an excerpt taken from the program that was handed out}

Friday, September 12, 2008

last days of summer...

the neighbor kids, liv and i decided to have a bike/croc wash.
what a creative bunch! they were busy making their signs,
getting their supplies ready, washing their bikes & crocs to
show the quality of their workmanship to potential clients...
i was impressed!
take a look...

a little soap and some water...

and there you have it! clean crocs!

this was our first customer...

holding her little furry kitty as she looked on to make sure the job was done right!
well...these kids put in a good half hour of work before i started to see this happen...

walking off the job site... taking a snooze on the job?
and one of the worst livy lu!
did you really think we wouldn't "notice" that you were gone?
s o
s n e a k y !

i guess at the end of the day...

if you can wear a smile that is this great-

nothing really matters...

does it?

Friday, August 15, 2008

*happy birthday*

Carrot Cake
ok-sOoo... you may be getting a bit tired of hearing
about my birthday month...hang in there...
you only have a few more weeks and this glorious
celebrating will all be over!  **sniff sniff**
i wonder what i will do with my time? (; 
i know that my ever-so-patient husband 
will be glad to get our routine back. . .
where everything doesn't turn into a reason for
lighting candles, bursting into song and going 
on ~mini-surprise adventures~.   
uh, i's getting a little out of hand. 
but, when you have an active little toddler who loves to sing...i mean, i can't
help it if her song choice happens to be  {happy birthday} 
. . . and it would completely crush her if i asked her not to sing it 
at the top of her lungs.    
so, as i tell ben, if you can't beat 'em ~  join 'em.  so i do and sometimes he does too!
 secretly, i think he likes it.   
that's right benji.  i do.   
                            p.s.  i *heart* u!
i must close and i will save the splendid details of my realistic, actual birthDAY for the next blog...i can't wait to tell! 

Monday, August 11, 2008

a little bit shaggy

so, we finally did it!
we had enough hair to get a hair cut.
i looked through tons of magazines to try and find
a simple, but darling little style for our little peanut.
i finally realized that we didn't have a lot of hair to work with...
soOo, a nice little trim and a few layers later and...wa-lah!
we have a sassy little style for this almost 3 year old.
what was your "first-cut" experience like?
i bet there are some great stories out there!
here are a couple of pics of ours-

hmm. a perfect spot for liv.

check out those boots!
this is kind of a big deal...

"now THIS is a big deal!
i *heart* ice cream!"
{olivia jane~2 years 9 mos}

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

35 t i m e s

so, my baby is growing up.  she is 2 1/2 and
she tells complete strangers that she is 5.
when people tell me that time goes so fast 
when they are young...i am starting to understand
what they mean.  

this morning liv was jumping in her "hooli" {hula hoop}
that her poppi gave her.

she asked me to say, 
"wow" every time she jumped into it.
well, you know where this is going-
i think i "wowed" her at least 35 times...
she tried all different ways of jumping in and out of her hooli-hoop.
she finally wore herself out from jumping.
we both laughed and smiled...she was so proud of her accomplishment-
and i was reminded to take it all in.

so today...we said  wow  35 times.

Monday, July 7, 2008

a new nash blue?

i bought a strapless dress at target a month
ago - it has this pattern on it.  the last couple
of times, i picked up any items...shirts, tees, bags...
the colors are one of the colors in this dress.  crazy!
they are also the colors that are currently in my home...
minus the royal-fan-blue color - 
which might be a fun color
to replace my lime-celery 
that is in my laundry room now.  
it would be bold...but perfectly refreshing.  it just might
be the touch the nash home needs.  it is time for a new 
nash blue!  i'll take the plunge and let you know how it
turns out.  for sure there will be some before and after shots!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

see jane work

here is another plug for see jane work.
you can tell that i am a huge fan!
this sale will give an extra 20% off
of the items that are already 50% off right now!
it is a huge savings and they still have some fantastice supplies
left. the sale will run until sunday, july 6 at midnight.
just enter "5daysale" at checkout.
here is the link...seejanework -enjoy!
i would love to hear about your finds!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

a FeAsT for any GaRdeNer

a blog for those that have high hopes
for their gardens to survive this summer.
i found some fantastic tips for my garden...
it even gives a june garden chore list!
this is right up my ally...i do well with lists.
whether you are an advanced garden specialist,
or a rookie in this field, like are
sure to find something helpful at this sight!
bon appetit fellow gardeners!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

see jane work
is having a sale...
50% off some of these
office basics!
i love these letter boxes. . .
they really give any room a boost of color.
check out the sale at
these letter boxes are only $6.75 each.
this financial organizer is only $10 right now!
this is my fav office supply inspires me
to work. now that says a lot on these hot,
summer days.

Monday, May 26, 2008

victory garden phase 1

so, this is what phase 1 looks like...i planted almost everything
last saturday...and so far - everything is still living! hooray!!
i typically kill anything green.
we have strawberries, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli,
cucumbers & spearmint. i am going to add some more herbs
this week...cilantro, basil & lemon balm. if you have some suggestions,
please leave a comment! i am a rookie and need all the help i can get!

this is my gnome.
ben got him for me to protect my little
victory garden from deer, rabbits, raccoons and our dog, indigo.
once the sun goes down, he lights up! how fantastic is that?
i'll have to shoot him at night so you can see him in his element.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

victory garden

i submit to this feed by heath brockwell from real simple on gardening.
in 1 week - i have learned more about gardening than i thought possible.
i had to do a lot of research due to my '07 garden that took a huge
plunge by mid-summer.
i might have over-watered it.
the only plants that survived were my strawberries.
you've got to love those little red jems!
they are the ones that gave
me the hope to start again.
so, heath got me thinking about victory gardens...
during world war I & II, victory gardens were cultivated by average citizens
in the united states to reduce pressure on the public food supply
brought on by the war efforts.
so this is my victory garden . . .
or, at least the start of it!
i thought i would add some before pics and
keep you posted on my progress!
this is just the beginning.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

spring break

this is my lu lu.
she adored the ocean
and her seashell...

we met my sister and ellie down in sarasota

and spent the week with them!

it was the most see our girls playing, having tea parties,

and going on new "ventures" together.

and what would vacation be without mac dog & dora?

grab your backpack!