Tuesday, July 8, 2008

35 t i m e s

so, my baby is growing up.  she is 2 1/2 and
she tells complete strangers that she is 5.
when people tell me that time goes so fast 
when they are young...i am starting to understand
what they mean.  

this morning liv was jumping in her "hooli" {hula hoop}
that her poppi gave her.

she asked me to say, 
"wow" every time she jumped into it.
well, you know where this is going-
i think i "wowed" her at least 35 times...
she tried all different ways of jumping in and out of her hooli-hoop.
she finally wore herself out from jumping.
we both laughed and smiled...she was so proud of her accomplishment-
and i was reminded to take it all in.

so today...we said  wow  35 times.


Amy Bell said...

she is so GORGEOUS...wow. love the pictures! we are heading to beach today..indiana dunes. :)

Alway Photography said...

She is beautiful! Becky