Monday, September 20, 2010


the hustle and bustle of either love it..or, you don't.
i happen to love the rush.  it can be cheery...oh, yes it can.  or, not so
cheery.  this morning was cheery.
i was olivia's cheerleader and i loved it.
once my little marathoner was buckled in, we were off.  i asked her if
she wanted me to teach her  a new song on the way to school...
knowing that she is my songbird, i knew she would be game.

so, i started singing, the Lord is good to me...doo doo doo do, doo do
doo...hmm.  how does that song go?  i know there is something about
apple trees...oh it's good liv, i wish i could remember the words.

olivia pipes up...well, mommy, while you are remembering those
good you want me to teach you one of my songs?  (:

absolutely liv!  sing away.

this was her song in her heart.

God, you are are amazing..amazing.
you can do anything we ask..make anything, everything.
you are amazing.  you can even make an umbrella if you
want to.  the clouds, animals, make them and
everything around us.
nothing can seperate us
nothing can seperate us
nothing can seperate us from your love.
we love you God.

  her song rocked mine.
her little theology, bundled up in this song.
it touched my heart.
my faith grew this morning...thank you songbird.
thank you Jesus for asking me to really listen.