Saturday, May 17, 2008

victory garden

i submit to this feed by heath brockwell from real simple on gardening.
in 1 week - i have learned more about gardening than i thought possible.
i had to do a lot of research due to my '07 garden that took a huge
plunge by mid-summer.
i might have over-watered it.
the only plants that survived were my strawberries.
you've got to love those little red jems!
they are the ones that gave
me the hope to start again.
so, heath got me thinking about victory gardens...
during world war I & II, victory gardens were cultivated by average citizens
in the united states to reduce pressure on the public food supply
brought on by the war efforts.
so this is my victory garden . . .
or, at least the start of it!
i thought i would add some before pics and
keep you posted on my progress!
this is just the beginning.

1 comment:

Amy Bell said...

oh. look at the huge garden! i did a garden this year and it did not look like that...i posted a pic on my site..oh my. i will have to see it when i visit!
love you!