Sunday, June 15, 2008

a FeAsT for any GaRdeNer

a blog for those that have high hopes
for their gardens to survive this summer.
i found some fantastic tips for my garden...
it even gives a june garden chore list!
this is right up my ally...i do well with lists.
whether you are an advanced garden specialist,
or a rookie in this field, like are
sure to find something helpful at this sight!
bon appetit fellow gardeners!

1 comment:

Amy Bell said...

oh, you should see my little garden! all the rain has made her grow...i will show the first "crop" when it gets here...:) went strawberry picking today...10 pnds...all canned/frozen...i think zeke ate 2 pnds....he was a hoot.

love you! see you SOON!