Saturday, October 4, 2008

a tribute to our friend mike powers...

we celebrated mike's life yesterday at a memorial at wabasis lake park.
i knew it would be difficult, but i had no idea the flood of pure sadness that overwhelmed me.
this was not supposed to happen...
mike was one of those friends that you don't just happen upon.  
he brought so much with him every time he entered a conversation.
he lived life being intentional.  he was a pursuer of people.  
i think his brother, adam, said it best, 
"he loved his God, and he loved people.
 he just wanted to know you and to be known by you."
he made time for what really mattered.
i don't think any of us that witnessed this memorial 
will ever be the same.
mike's life makes you want to live life 
with more purpose, more intention. will be greatly missed by so many mike powers...
what a legacy you have left behind.

mike's legacy
take time to enjoy a cup of coffee
be curious, listen with love, offer kindness unconditionally
don't be afraid to have doubts and questions in life
see the wonder and raw beauty of the outdoors
laugh (especially if it's an episode of "the office")
fight for the healing and dignity of others
experience music and books that will move you
love with your actions
name and live out your desires
be teachable
tell people today why you love them, value them, cherish them
{mike's legacy was an excerpt taken from the program that was handed out}


The Hansen's said...

what a beautiful legacy, he sounds like he was an amazing friend and wonderful person to know! I am so sad for your loss!

Amy Bell said...

i agree..a beautiful post. it is really unbelievable and so so sad.

praying for his family, friends and especially his wife.