Tuesday, August 24, 2010


and so it begins...


i took the majority of the summer off
to spend with my sweet girl.
we had loads of fun...
but, summer is winding down 
and here i am-aspiring to get organized!

i found a few sites that are fabulously helpful
and so i thought i would pass them along.

this first blog has free downloads for you!
hop on her blog and take a look.

i was delighted to have this sort of organization just handed to me!
thank you jessica - you inspire me!

 i was also looking for some customization as well...

so, i ordered up a few of my own personal organizers from clean mama.
they are soOo affordable...and the color schemes are endless!
becky is completely prompt and precise!  i guess all of her
organizing has paid off. (:


Cleaning Kit - Weekly,  Monthly, and To Do Lists   CUSTOM and PERSONALIZED Responsibility Chart (up to 4 different charts)  
CUSTOM Fitness/Goal Log for the Week
customize and purchase your own here

cheers mamas!
let the organized chaos begin...

1 comment:

Clean Mama said...

Wow, thanks Jaren! So glad you are loving the printables :)