Sunday, September 19, 2010

a little more of me in the mic...ahem. a little more of me.

the last few weeks, okay..months,  this has been my mantra...until this morning.
i was sitting in church and we started to sing
you are holy.
the line that started prying the "mic" out of my hands?
"you are my Prince of Peace and i will live my life for you."

oh, that's right...this life-that i label as "mine" really isn't all about me.
not about my plans, my agenda, my time-line on our next child, my never-ending lists...

as i pondered why those words so impacted me- to tears even, i thought back on my actions, my words, my inmost thoughts. they revolved around one

i really don't like giving up the mic...but, i gladly handed it over this morning to the Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End, my Savior, Messiah, friend.

thank you Lord for the gentle reminder that You being in control is where my Peace is.
there is none other. no, not one.
He is on the move for me..for you...
I just had to put my mic down in order to see it.

oh, my p.s....  i have been praying that God will place people in my path that will help lead us in the direction of where/what to do next in terms of our adoption story. last night i spoke with a sweet friend who has adopted a little one from tawain. she had such sound advice...what an encouragement to this heart of mine. and, this morning, He put me in the middle of 3 precious women, whom i greatly admire and respect...they spoke such affirmation to me as well.

also, our dear friends carrie & anthony shared their love story this morning. the beautiful. the messy. the indescribably painful parts of losing a child. my heart broke for them again.   it also went to familiar places as they shared some of the deep waters that God so gently is moving them through. david's precious little life is about so much more than we can come close to justifying this side of i won't even begin to try. but, this morning God used his life to remind me of what matters.
thank you, carrie and anthony for sharing your story.  it impacts many.


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