Tuesday, January 20, 2009

in honor of jack...

every year we do something to honor our son, jack.
we desire some sort of good to come from our loss.
this tradition was born out of a desire to purchase things for jack
to have at christmas. as we started to shop for him that first christmas,
we realized that the gifts would go unopened and unused...
and would create more sadness
for us as they would remain under the tree.
God was good-He understood my need
and He placed some ideas
in my mind.
the idea was to give to other children that wouldn't receive
much at christmas.
so, that is how it started-4 years ago.
both sides of our families have participated
each year and it has been something so
very special for us...
this year, we chose brenda decker's pre-school.
that is where jack would have attended this year.
the wonderful part of giving to this school is that the
items that were given will affect more than 1 or 2 children....
classrooms and classrooms to come will be able to enjoy these gifts.
and, little O, will be attending pre-school there next year.
she will also enjoy these special gifts in honor of her big brother jack!
we miss you jack...your life touches us everyday!

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amanda said...

that is a wonderful way to honor your son.