Sunday, November 15, 2009

hostess gifts...or maybe a little something for yourself!

so, i happened upon this website and
i could not resist posting this
little designer
she's called pink asian and isn't she lovely?!
i think i would display her on my mantle...

she is that fantastic!

and...jeweled-out red...
this little gem is a mere $10!

a perfect gift for your hostess this
holiday is even glazed with
a mercury patina inside to give off the perfect
vintage glow.

who couldn't use another clipboard?

i think i have 7...but, who's counting really?

and for $12? yes please!

this is my personal fav!


{mom..if you are reading this}

stocking stuffer perhaps?
i'm really, i am..

she's $18. a bit indulgent-maybe

...but then again, it's christmas!

indulge a little!

soul of the rose gifts


Anonymous said...

wow thats very nice item...

ShineE said...

cool items :) like them alot..can give discount?lol jokes :)