Thursday, July 30, 2009

wonder of little wonders...

i am truly documenting this more for myself, rather than spreading some sort of fantastic news...especially to those of you who have children that are older than 3.
because for you, this may be standard-old-hat kind of stuff.
but for is a wonder!
olivia is beginning to draw letters...recognize numbers...
and i'm starting to understand her drawings.

tonight in the bathtub...she was drawing faces on the walls of the tub. i was literally so exhausted from the day, that i was stretched out on the bathroom floor just waiting for tub time to be finished! all the while, my little picasso was drawing little people and a helicopter on the tub walls...{with tub crayons} once her masterpiece was complete...she started squealing, "look's little people and this is their helicopter!" i obliged her, saying, "yes liv...they are really cute." she was so thrilled that i had to take a closer look. she really had drawn little people with 2 eyes, a nose & mouth inside their faces...and they had legs- 3 of them...we'll have to work on that. at any rate, soon we were both squealing!

{this last image is her helicopter}

i wondered when this time would come.
when i would be able to make something out of her little creations. it's amazing how much more connected i feel to her...just by being able to decipher her expression of art.

what a moment it turned out to be!

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