Friday, March 21, 2008

one of my favorite days...ever

so, ben surprised me after the race with a day at the spa! aaron & adam surprised their wives as was the most memorable day...filled with lot of incredible moments.
we were at the baths of caracalla...the nicest spa i have ever stepped into. tiffany, kim & i were handed nice, plush robes and slippers and were given a day of massages, facials, hydrotherapy and red wine. it was fantastic! when we were done, we were given a card with directions to our next "location"...the guys made dinner for us at my house. the meal was so good...look out emeril! during dinner, each husband took turns toasting us individually. our husbands completely spoiled us-what an incredible day!
going from this....
to a day at the spa !

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amybell said...

I love the pics! Congrats on the race! I am so proud...and, the spa day, only in my dreams, friend. love you, my sister from IN....I know you have now lived in MI much of your adult life, but ya know, always an IN girl at heart. can't wait to see you next month!