Sunday, April 6, 2008

a night away....

ben & i were able to get away to the jw marriott ...a new hotel
downtown grand rapids. what a great escape - we aren't taking
any personal vacations this, we decided to take quarterly
mini-trips. this one just happened to be in our own city.
it's amazing how you can feel like a tourist in your own town.
asking questions like,
"how long has this restaurant been here?"
instantly labels you an "out-of towner".
we dined at gill's fish house in the b.o.b. - after dinner,
we went to z's partypantry store in hopes of getting a
lucky lotto ticket-or two (: - and then went to z's for a night cap
and to scratch off our $1.00 lottos. we were living large!
i think we won $3.00-enough to tip the valet in the morning.
we stayed up watching a late-night movie...eating snacks we purchased at the party store.
the next morning we enjoyed a fantastic work-out and then cashed in our complimentary breakfast vouchers at - the restaurant in the hotel.
eating guilt-free thanks to our work-out...we enjoyed fresh o.j. - omlets/waffles/fresh fruit & yogurt...truly anything you would want was served at this breakfast buffet! we didn't have to check out until 2 p.m. we enjoyed every minute we were away!
we both feel so is so good to get away!

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Amy Bell said... nice. love the room and view...great idea! :)