Wednesday, July 28, 2010

destination: my arm!

Glory in lemonade
glory in lemonade

Modular messenger in olive grey

NEW Bella in Apple Green --the drapery bag, so chic, large and elegant everyday purse with zippered closure and single strap--

Marigold in Grey --everyday purse--

 i love, love -LoVe- the slightly obsessed kind of love-
and marifet at the bayan hippo shop
knows how to make them in just
the right colors! apple?
could there be a bag out there handmade just for green apple design?
so, if i made this purchase...i could write it off, right? (;

and someone this amazing
WOULD make a skirt
THIS adorable too!
again...big love!

i didn't see this in her shop...i spotted it on her blog.
i bet she would make you one per special request!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes - write off the green apple bag under "supplies". :-)