Monday, July 12, 2010

this is lengthy...

so, our family of 3 has been through a whole lot of change
in the last 3-4 months...
we sold our house
we packed our things
we moved our things to:
parade house
2nd parade house
our rental
we moved into our rental
and started 3 weeks of parade of homes.

at some point, i will blog about our move...
it was a teary 4 weeks-and on any given day,
i think of one of my most fantastic neighbors...
and i start all over again *sniff-sniff.
we were beyond blessed to live where we did. 
to be with people who were real...genuine people.
the best kind of people.
{but, that is another blog entry}

the main question people are asking...
where are you moving?  have you started digging the hole yet?
good questions...they make sense.  
especially with ben being a builder.
we are waiting to see what God's best is for us.

and, it is soOo completely out of my
comfort zone to not have answers to these questions.
typically, you don't move unless 
you know where you are going.

this one is a adventure perhaps.

we are also waiting for our child.
in september of 2009, 
ben and i started the paperwork to adopt domestically.
we went through classes and our home studies.
our portfolio is finished and has been turned in.
all of the necessities were completed in may...
now, we wait and we pray and we wait.

we tried to keep the adoption from olivia
for as long as we could.  we knew the wait
could be long.  we finally told her in may,
once we turned in our portfolio.
she thought the adoption agency was a hospital
and that we would be coming home with our baby
that day!  oh, this already has seemed long for her.

i talked with our social worker last week...
asking if there were any birth moms that 
had made adoption plans yet.
her answer was, 
"no, not sorry,
things are unusually slow."

so, for a quick girl like mind started
racing.  well, if things are unusually slow...
how could i speed things up?
maybe we should change agencies,
switch to foster care, adopt internationally, 
poke holes in condoms at meijer...

at 11 o'clock, i started blurting out my ideas 
to my patient, yet quite sensible ben
he actually was tracking with me
for quite a while.

i think we landed though.
remembering that God has the best plan for our family.
and His timing is not ours.  
we could never regulate heaven's time. 
we worry about the age gap between liv and the baby.
that was on God's radar before olivia was born.  
He will take care of that.

He is asking us to wait.
to wait on our home.
to wait on our child.
to wait on growing our family.
to wait on Him.

as we wait,
 i am confident that He continues to move for us.



heather wiersma said...

Jaren...I can say I understand your wait for your child and the concern of an age gap between children. We wrestled with the same things. We started paperwork for an adoption from Guatemala in the Fall of 2006, got put on a waiting list in Jan.07, got a call about a little girl who could be ours April 07, visited her and fell in love in August 07. The next year plus was ups and downs and unknown as the govt. shut down adoption in Guat. We FINALLY brought our baby girl home when she was 20 months old in December of 2008!! She and her sister are 71/2 years apart. (However, Brittney was 9 when Bailey came home and she first became a big sister) Sorry this is long....just wanted to encourage you that it's worth the wait!!! and although the age gap isn't what we would plan it will be fine! Bailey and Brittney LOVE each other dearly!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!

amanda said...

Jaren I would love to pray for your family through this time.

Waiting on God is hard & exciting at the same time - knowing, believing that His best is always perfectly timed.

and although this is a rather serious post, can I just say that i giggled at the "poke holes in condoms at meijer" glad your sense of humor is hanging around.

praying that you have peace as you wait.