Thursday, October 21, 2010


my MRI was yesterday... the technician tried easing my mind as he clipped this cage around my head and neck...
i felt panicked, this is not your usual xray. 
 it's loud and there are annoying noises that continue for an hour.  
you are placed in a long tunnel and  told not to move...all the while every itch needs scratched, 
muscle needs stretched...body needs OUT!  
and then it hit me-how many people i currently know who have recently had this same scan.

sweet baby josie who was in hours before me... was being prepped for brain surgery to remove a tumor.
johnny the brave-has had numerous MRI's at the age of 8-also with a brain tumor.
my mother-in-law having similiar scans-looking for cancer.

God drew me in and brought me to His side...
under His wing i could concentrate-get away from the noise of this heavy, loud machine and pray. 
prayers for baby josie. prayers for johnny the brave. prayers for mom.

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