Saturday, April 16, 2011

home is....

since we have moved out of our amazing, beautiful, spacious home about a year ago...i have tried retrieving some sort of saying or feeling of what home really is. i think one phrase i've tried to cling to is the one about home being where your family is. peace and sparkles to that one.
it was supposed to make me feel better-but it felt so pat-so cliche. **gag*

last sunday...i came up with my new definition of home.
-a little background first.
my rockstar husband left for church early-he had to do a few things beforehand. liv and i headed off to church 10 minutes later- only to discover the booster seat was missing. plan b was in full swing.
{we don't sit still long enough to actually plan plan b...we just moved and plan b took shape.}
we walked ourselves up to a nearby restaurant and ordered some johnny cakes and chocolate milk. it was delightful. our server even joined in on our fun. we got to know her a bit...someone new to this area..she has a daughter the same age as mine. by the end of breakfast, we had talked about church. she asked if i was the type that thought if you weren't in would go to hell type of people. i replied, "well, we are skipping church this morning and i sure don't think i'm going to hell for it." she then asked if we could set up a playdate for our girls and we set up a time to get together.

my conversation with God on the way home..."you really do know what you are doing...don't you?" i'm sure He was laughing with me when that light bulb went off.

so, now..back to my new definition: home is where He leads you. it's that simple for me-and yet it took me a year to see it-to understand it.

when we decided to sell our house-we felt a strong pull to pray that God would place us in an area where He wanted us. that we could just be beautifully honest with people around us about who He is to us. we are so blessed by His stedfastness and pure pursuit of us. how could we not follow where He was leading? **side note-my heels did dig in...i think i had a tantrum a time or two* change is really very hard for me. :)
we are not deserving of this kind of love-yet we are better people because we have tasted it and it has changed us.

it is hard to explain to people why we have moved so much...why we haven't built yet. i even get caught up in questioning it myself. this week it all came together for me. and even though most people may not get it...that is okay. it took me a year to get it. eventually, we will build...we just aren't in this rush because it's what we "should" do. we trust Him and that He led us to trail east (our last home we built) and, we feel confident that He has led us to where we are now. that there are adventures here-lives that hopefully our story will touch and we will be changed for the better by their lives as well.

His plans are for us...His plan is for YOU too.
next week-end is our playdate!
looking forward to making new friends in our new place.

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Kym ONeill said...

oh i completely understand this struggle. we also decided to sell our beautiful home and rent for a while. Then a yr ago we bought our small (but completely adequate)house on Oak street. It's a work in progress but soon we will pay it off and then start saving to build, buy something larger, add on or be crazy and just live in a nice but smaller home. God has blessed us all so much compared to the rest of the world. Any of our homes would be a mansion to people in the 3rd world.
Thanks for the encouragement and persective. I do still struggle explaining to people :)
On a side note, congrats on the baby boy! we will be praying for you and the sweet little baby.