Thursday, June 2, 2011


i'm not sure where i even begin in talking about our newest bundle...
i'm equally unsure and greatly overwhelmed {in the best sense} of the outpouring
of love, talents, sacrificial time, gifts, essentials, dinners, phone calls, messages,
visitors, prayers-you- i guess what my deepest expression of gratefulness is to thank you for being you! for giving in the amazing way that you do. each of you gave so uniquely with such unabandoned love. we continue to feel your support and are humbled and exited to have you join with us in welcoming will into our family.

speaking of will-i-am...oh my goodness..was he made of complete sugar- or what??

okay- i'm pretty sure i'm allowed to brag about him because
he is the most amazing gift from God and from our incredible birth mom.
he was chosen for us...for this place and time and we get to use words like,
both and kids and ours when referring to our family.

and then there is my husband, this 6 ft. amazing man who swaddles up our little 6 pounder and holds him for hours-speaking more words like,
let's watch the game tonight...
wait until i show you how to throw a football,
and then its about basketball, soccer-
and, his favorite word to whisper to will-SCHOLARSHIP. :)
he's dreamy isn't he and i am so in love with this man.

and then, there is big sister...
who uses these phrases,
mommy, WE'RE finally parents!
and, has your baby met my baby?
and, how do i answer people when they ask me how i feel about my new baby brother?

my response- i know- i wonder too do we explain how deep and wide our love is for will? it is hard to put words to it. but, i'm sure they already know that you love him so. "yep, i even think i'll pick him over daddy to marry someday!"

wow...that probably says it the best liv. :)

my words for my sweet will are mainly songs...
my fav these days-He's got you and me will in His hands..he's got you and me will in His hands..{and i can't get to the 3rd line of that song because i'm too teary} He's got the whole world in His hands.
and He does-doesn't He?
i'm amazed at those words and i get choked up-because the God of the Universe takes the time to hold will and i in his hands.
what an incredible, intimate, huge God we belong to.

One who calls us His own.


Wendy Kotlarczyk said...

My heart literally fluttered when I read your words! How exciting for all of you!!!! I am thrilled beyond words. <3

Sara said...

ben, jaren, olivia....we will continue to praise God for His amazing love. scotty and i are encouraged we visit you and your blog - as you share you wonderment and joy. you are ALL so special. our family has been blessed by your willingness to share your faith and God's love through the smiles and tears of your life experiences. {Hugs} to you all!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful my friend. Absolutely cannot wait to meet him. So happy for you guys! The pressure is on to top Ralphie...not holding my breath! Love you all. Michael

Anonymous said...

Tripping over your love there is so much there that I'm up to my knees in it and it just keeps coming...

Here's to swimming in pools of love!!

Kitchy Mama said...

I tear up when I sing that song too! it truly is mind shattering to think that our big God cares about our little ones infinitely more than we do, but I am so grateful He does!

So excited and abundantly happy for you guys. Wish I could drive by to meet the little guy and catch up with you and Ben--not to mention see Olivia who wouldn't even know who I am!

Well blessings from the land of Kansas....if we weren't so poor, we'd visit!

Dayna said...

It doesn't excape me that as I scroll down your blog, reading about your glorious gift from God, that there is the breath taking picture of your other gifts....
Thank you for sharing. Thank you for giving over to God in the most heart breaking of times and sharing with all of us. Thank you God for Will-ing to this family. So incredibly happy for all of you!

Horsewoman said...
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Heather said...

oh my, oh my...nothing, just nothing like a new baby! What timing too, you guys are busy-busy now...that is how it works, when it rains it pours and thank God for that because most of the time we are just thirsty. We are thinking of you, God bless.

Anonymous said...

You know... pictures speak louder than words.

Hint Hint!!!!!!