Wednesday, November 2, 2011

animal prints

lately, i've had my eye on dogs.

olivia has been begging for a puppy party
for her 6th birthday.
so, i went searching for the hippest, 
most coolest party decor.
i have almost found everything i was looking for, 
and, i also
 ran across a few other
animally fun things i thought i would share... 

1.moddog prints
i adore these modern dog prints.
we are dog lovahs!  our entire family
are lovahs too.  how cool would it be
to have a grouping of the 8 dogs that
are/were  in our family.

{ r.i.p. monster and webster }

2.animals font
countless fun with this new font!

3.animal templates
you could do so many fabulous things
with these templates...shadow puppets..
matting and framing them in wild colors..  
there are so many to choose from on this site!

giraffe template 115x150 Printable Animal Templateskangaroo template 115x150 Printable Animal Templatesdog template 115x150 Printable Animal Templatesbunny template 115x150 Printable Animal Templates
i love elephants!  
i can't wait to do this with liv...and will..someday.
vintage fabric is the key.


i am enamored with everything about these alphabeasties...everything!

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