Sunday, August 14, 2011

homemade happy meal

tonight i wasn't going to do it...
to go through one more drive thru!

now, i'm not boycotting forever-i'm just tired of forking
over $4.25 or whatever the price is-to pay for
fried up- pieced together chicken,
apples that taste like they have been dipped in chlorine,
carmel dip that has been drizzeled across the door handle and back...
and a toy that gets lost or broken in less than 3 hours flat.

as we were driving home from fort wayne tonight, it occurred to me...
we should just make our own happy meals.  
olivia could decorate the bag while
 we unpack the truck!

she was so excited!  
i know i'm not re-inventing any wheels here.
i'm sure this has been done by many of you-but, it was our first time.
and wow...did we enjoy every minute of it! (:
the best part was finding a toy that olivia hasn't played with in so long-
she didn't even remember having it.  
i love recyling toys.

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