Monday, November 14, 2011

1 8 4 days

it feels like it was yesterday
that we were in the hospital with will.
i remember meeting deborah, will's birth mom.
we were so nervous and anxious.  
the first thought i had when i saw her was
 how beautiful she was.
long,  blonde hair.  
she reminded me of taylor swift.
after some hugs and tears...
she asked us if we wanted to see him.
she went with us into the nicu and there we were...
the three of us looking at this little bebe.
he was
under a heat lamp,
hooked up to machines...with nurses 
 poking him..

it was that moment that my heart completely grew.

a moment that i will always remember.
i felt everything.
every emotion one can feel.
i felt them all.

so, our teeny, tiny baby is 6 months old now!
6 months.
what is he doing-you ask?
{probably what every other 6 month old is doing}
but, not really,
 because we think he is exceptional...sorry other 6 month olds..
we think he is above average in every catagory!

sitting up: check
rolling over: check
raspberries:  double check
belly laughing: check
screeching-then laughing: check
jumping in the e.s.: check
loving his FOOD:  triple check
outgrowing his clothes: check.check.check

looking like the cutest baby boy i have
ever laid eyes on:  QUAD CHECK IT!

oh, and just for the record...
i really can't help it if these are his favorite tees.
i tried talking him into a few others that were just as cute,
and he simply stopped smiling.  
we can't have that, can we?
so, i gave in...again to the mommy rocks shirts.
what was that sugar?  your mommy what?
oh yeah, your mommy does rock!!

happy 6 months, love!

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