Friday, December 23, 2011

an unexpected gift...

this little package here

is the best little package
one could only begin to
hope for.

we are continuously reminded
of a God who never lets go.

we waited almost two years
for a child.  
the three of us waited.
and 2 years felt like a long
time for ben and i to wait...
but for a 5 year old- o r e v e r.
and then the call came.
just a day after
mother's day.
what other day would
hold more significance
than that?
{God's timing is impeccable.}

we had no idea that will
would be born just 
6 days later.
the lifetime of 2 years
just drifted by in 6 short days.
his first 6 days were spent in the nicu.
6 very long days.
days that taught 
us more about what
really mattered in life.
more about our amazing
birth mom.
her courage.
her strength.
her core.
and we learned so much about will...
his determination.
his tender heart.
his every breakthrough...we counted in amazement.

we knew more.
we bonded more.
we loved more in 6 days
than we knew what to do with.
and 7 months later,
i still cannot get through
a post without choking back tears...
especially with this news.

last month, we were getting ready
to pay our final payment for our adoption.

the statement was incorrect.
it stated that what was owed was $2500.
when, in fact, it should have read $5000.
ben called our agency to let them know
of this error.
janice, in accounting, quickly corrected ben.
there wasn't an error in the amount.

someone had gifted $2500 anonymously
on will's behalf.
i don't think ben was able to hold it together
before hanging up the phone. 
he came home to tell me that night.
i went and got will out of his crib.
we just had to hold him.
we wanted him to be experience this moment
and the love that was given to him.
we did not know what to do with so much.
so we just cried.
then..we started guessing.
who? who would do such an amazing thing?
with each name...we just cried more.
we could imagine that
it could be any one of our family members
or friends doing such a thing.

shortly after ingesting all of this...
we were given more news that
someone else was taking on our
final payment of $2500.

than we could take in.

how does one appropriately thank
someone else-or a group of people
for loving us and for loving our son so much
that they would pay a debt that
was not theirs to pay?

i'm not sure either.
and, we have a story.
an amazing love story to share
with him someday. 

we picked out 2 stones. 
and wrote $2500 on each one with a big, fat sharpie.
they sit on top of our pile of ebenezer stones.
each stone represents a time in our lives 
that we experienced God's faithfulness...
and there are many.
counting each blessing........


Amanda said...

Oh Jaren! I'm rejoicing with you over God's lavish gifts; crying big, happy tears because our Father is faithful. Always! Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment, which in turn encourages my own waiting heart immeasurably! Merry Christmas!

Natasha Ohlman said...

I Love this Jaren...a beautiful story! A perfect reminder intertwined in your journey, that Jesus paid for the debts of us all. I might need to borrow your stone idea...a wonderful visual.

maggie said...

Love it! This is my definition of a pair of pink shoes! So fantastic and such an incredible story of God knowing all along what was going to happen in Will's life and for him and for you and for Liv and for everyone.......all before he was even born!

Heather said...

Merry Merry Christmas dear friend. Thank you for sharing the news!

melissa sagorski said...

i continued to be amazed at what God can do when we just let Him. what a beautiful Christmas present. (the $, but more so...Will. :) ♥

Deborah Lazarus said...

I am so happy for you guys!!!! I cried reading this. I couldn't have chosen a better family to give Will to :) I miss him everyday and he's always on my mind but at the end of the day i know he's taken care of, probably spoiled rotten, and loved so much:)