Wednesday, February 15, 2012


oh. my. goodness.
i'm pinching myself...
for 2 separate reasons.

1.  that mom colored glasses put my article 
in their amazing online magazine!!!!
2.  that i wrote so candidly about something that
i have been dying to write about for the last 2
years...i just didn't have the words...
and maybe the courage, until now.

thanks MCG for telling my story...
for helping me find the courage to say more.

and, since we are close to st. patty's day-
and because i am oh, soooo irish.  i will pinch you too.

well, maybe i won't pinch you-i've never been
comfortable with that sort of thing.
but, i am comfortable in pinching you lyrically...

to be authentic. to write what you are really
thinking.  to give an extension of your story
so that someone else might take it and breath
in a new perspective.  do it.  do it for you and
do it for someone else.

p.s.  if you don't have a blog, or a place to post...
send it to me-i will post it here.  i would love to read
where you are at and breath in more of your perspective.

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