Thursday, May 31, 2012

my songbird and my little banjo

it has been one of those days.

the kind of days where you can't win for losing.
i think i cried uncle at least a dozen times...

my report card:

failing at our grocery anyone ahead on this one?
if so, what is your secret??

turned in 3 important papers for olivia's school
a week late.

haven't gotten back to the list of people i need to text
or call back...

miscommunication with mi espouso.  louso.

the dog dragged something unmentionable into our abode
from the great outdoors. 

i scorched our fajitas...torched-scorched.

my avacados weren't ripe enough
and i waited 2 weeks-really?
{hoping they weren't genetically modified somehow}
i forced them to work into my quacamole.
i really wish i didn't do that.
*force things to work*

i picked the wrong paint color
for this amazing project i'm working on.
it was supposed to be a pale smoke color-light grey.
well, in a warehouse full of windows-it hardly gives
the color i envisioned it would.

will has discovered that he has some really awesome pipes
and he loves experimenting with his range.
high screeches-to higher screeches-to highest screeches.

and, liv is feeling replaced.  

i am pretty sure i got a 

i cannot wait for the day to end.

with that said,
my songbird can't go to bed without me singing to her
and scratching her back.
and my little man has to be held
just so.  he enjoys back scratches too.
he is my banjo.  he strums his little lips and
is just right for drowning out my high notes.

liv asked for words tonight for me to scratch out on her back.
she asked for 6 1/2 words because-yep, you guessed
it...she is 6 1/2!

these were her words tonight.


i pray pray pray
that this phrase will be etched on both of their beautiful souls
f o r e v e r.

and, more importantly...
that they will grasp God's love for them.

 that He sees them...
when they feel like no one else does,
and He feels
the pain of their broken little hearts,
when little hearts break.
 He hears
the doubts that come
when they feel unimportant.

and He Promises-promises-promises
that He will take it all.
all of our doubt,
all of our failures,
our D- 's,
our past mistakes,
our feelings of inadequacy...
and remind us of these 6 1/2 words as well.


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Kym oneill said...

thanks for the post. i have many days that i have a failing day due to my anger. Anger at my children being well, child like.
I don't know if your know of this site but they are very helpful. I'd be happy to explain the couponing short hand. Also my goal is to never buy anything at Meijers unless it's on sale. things usually go on sale every 6 wks or sooner so i just buy accordingly :)