Sunday, July 8, 2012

50 Shades of Magic Mike

i am due for a post.  
not so much because it has been a while...
well, it has. 
but, more because i feel this stirring in my soul 
about some important things.
things that seem to be sliding through cracks.  
and, i'm letting them.
i am not even sure why i've been avoiding this topic for so long.
i did some digging and researching.
some soul searching too.
 if you know me...
you know that i am passionate about some things.
and one of these issues is a huge button for me.

first, i try-try so hard to stay 
out of controversial topics 
when they are
 based within a social media setting.

  my wise, slow-to-react husband will read
comments that i intend to leave about hot topics
and he will slowly shake his head.  
sometimes, i just squint my eyes and give him that
look, like "everyone who reads this will
know that i have the best intentions..."
and, again..with the head shaking.
oh fine.  delete.delete.delete.
he is spot on 99.9% of the time.

     so, last night, i was up until 3:30 a.m. 
        reading 50 Shades of Magic Mike...
along with a lot of the comments on this post

   MJ is my new cool blogging friend 
that someone on fb introduced me to.  
she doesn't know how great of friends we are yet.  
but, i think she is so very fab!  ;)
anyway, as of last night, 
there were almost 1500 replies to her post.  
and i was drawn in.  
this topic is important to me because it is an underlying current
that, with momentum, will begin a larger movement than 
i think any of us truly hope to bring our children
into when they are our age. 

i also am curious to know what women think on these topics.  
some men even weighed in...which, i appreciated as well.  
even little ole' me took a shot at chiming in-carefully and respectfully.  
my thought in talking about this momentum in our media
is to bring more awareness to the topic at hand.
i was considering reading this book 
and going to the movie as well.
i am thankful for MJ's post.  
she presented some facts 
that i wasn't aware of...i wasn't even trying to become aware of.

 it is also important for you to know my heart
when i write about a conviction of mine...
or, a topic that i am passionate about.
it really is personal to me-and i hope that
i am able to present clearly
 that my thoughts, values and convictions
are merely where i am-in my journey...
not where i expect or think anyone else should be.

after getting a general feel for some public
opinions on melissa's blog...i was interested to see how the media is portraying
"50 shades" and "Magic Mike".
 here is a quote from
just one radio host:
{and, btw...i found these similar statements across the board}

"Let’s face it gentlemen, we’ve been objectifying women for a LONG time.  They’re just taking their turn.  They won’t think “My man should look like that,” any more than we think “My woman should look like that,” when we see a beautiful woman.
Let them go see the movie.  Then gently let them know that them getting angry with you for going to the strip club is unwarranted.  The fact is, you’ve chosen each other.  Use this as a chance to tell her that you still want to see her in her lingerie.  She may not think she looks good, and she’s probably not a model, but that doesn’t mean we appreciate them any less.  You shouldn’t think they will appreciate you any less either.
See?  These pieces of entertainment aren’t threats.  They’re a chance for everyone to gain an understanding of each other.  Women are now seeing how men have viewed adult entertainment for eons, and men are getting a dose of how women have felt about it."

is this really the pitch?

the fact that is is our turn...
                  like, it's a once in a lifetime chance to objectify men on the big screen...
and because we go to see it..

good news men, you are getting a free v.i.p. to strip clubs 
and a lifetime pass to view porn from here on out. if there is no harm done to anyone
because the "fairness" rule was in play.

um, i'm not sure about you..but,
pretty much, 
anytime i have used the "fairness" card in my marriage,
it has never once ended with me feeling great about myself or my choice.
 it's a step in the wrong direction for me.  
and, somehow it brings my maturity to a 4th grade level-at best.

no thanks.  this girl is taking a stand 
and passing on seeing this movie and
reading this book.
taking this approach, or this stand seems small in the year 2012.
but, i'm guessing, that in 2032...when my daughter
is 37..and my son, 31.  they will have much larger stands to take
in the world of entertainment.


V said...

Great blog JN! I really liked the MJ blog you noted as well!! Go GIRL!

Jaren nash said...

thanks V!! it means a whole lot!

Tanya said...

Nicely done! From the get go i have given both a resounding NO! So many have asked "Really? Why not?" Now i have secular reasons to add to the scriptural.

Melissa Jenna Godsey said...

How did I only just see this today!? Thank you so so much, and I'm happy to be your internet-friend!!